We use modern Project management Technology

Awega SCI (Sustainable Communities Initiative)  is powered by Awega CDMS (Community Development Management System) a technology platform that catalyses development for sustainable communities, Awega SCI offer our members numerous benefits including Agricultural development support services, business and enterprise development and marketing opportunities and also delivers tangible wealth to the community by optimising supply chains.

The Awega CDMS App can be accessed through Smart phones, feature phones and online. 

Awega SCI uses the Awega CDMS App, which reconcile all activities under the Awega SCI and records all transactions in real-time to ensure transparency for our subscribers.

The overall goal of TUA is to Combat Poverty headlong, through Community Empowerment and Provision of Essential Ecosystem Services for Environmental Sustainability and better Livelihoods.

Our Services

Agricultural Courses

Our resident Agronomist provide in house training for our members who wish to participate in Agriculture as a commercial enterprise.

Business Incubation

Once our members have mastered good Agricultural practices, we transform them from Subsistence farmers to commercial farmers through our business incubation program

Project Management

Using our Awega suite of Technology tools, we are able to run turn key projects from inception, pilot and right through to implementation  


Our otreach program is designed to develop contacts with the local communities to ensure issues affecting their livelihoods are highlighted and addressed 

Baseline Studies

Our community liaison sessions provide us with a clear status of community members, which we then translate into data that can be used to evaluate needs and effect suitable interventions

Produce Export

We have developed a robust and fully integrated supply chain for products cultivated by our members which we deliver locally and internationally 

Our Projects

Commercial Farming

We have commenced full time commercial farming after having successfully completed a pilot scheme to produce varieties of Chili, fruits and vegetables

Value Addition

To increase our produce value we implement a quality control process that include sorting, processing packaging, branding and batch tracing


Our produce is processed and forwarded through our logistics network that include processing and packaging zones. we have our own Transport that ensure efficient and seamless delivery of our produce


The key component to our Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) is the use of Land sparingly with environmental considerations as well as enhancing Animal - Human co-existence

Projects are implemented and proactively managed by TUA, under various programs in the Community and which has resulted in economic and social activities tremendously impacting the local enterprise ecosystem and community well being

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