A Dedicated Community Development Team

Building Resilient Communities by Strengthening Agriculture and conservation skills in the young generation.

Tree Uganda Academy

A youth led organisation with a global vision

Our Mission

To facilitate philanthropy and fulfill Community led conservation and poverty alleviation goals


Our Objective

To empower community members to undertake projects in Agro-forestry using local indigenous seed species.

Our aim

TUA aims to promote Commercial Agriculture in order to increase production, employment, household incomes and food security

Our Focus

We focus our efforts on issues that matter by Collaborating programs that  empower our youth and allow them to enjoy fruits of Social mobility and economic development.

TUA in the Community

 TUA comprises 43 Community led groups and Clubs formed under the Village Savings and Loan Association Model. TUA forms, capacity builds and registers Farmer led groups under the VSLA Model


TUA leads the community effort in the conservation of our environment and champions ecotourism whilst resolving Human - Animal conflicts

Gender Balance

Part of our Corporate Social responsibility is to provide opportunities to our our young boys and girls


We work with our youth, who are dedicated to change their destiny by engaging in sustainable Community projectss


Through our projects we are able to offer opportunites for our members to participate in business and other Trade activities

Partnerships are critical to our continual growth and to the successful implementation of our programs.

“As an outward thinking organisation, TUA has consistently grown and developed strategic partnerships to help with capacity building its resources to achieve robust solutions.”

Ivan Mushana
Executive director

Our Organisation

The force behind TUA

Meet the Team

We have brought together a Team of qualified professionals with requisite skills to deliver on our program objectives

Ainebyoona Nicholus

Chief Agronomist

Tatwangire Mercy

Administrative Executive

Turyazayo Dan

Eco-Tourism Executive

We have over 1500 registered members

Our registered members are engaged in various Agricultural projects that create livelihoods and sustainable household income

Our Projects

Tree planting through our Tree Academy Groups

We specialise in Cultivating Tomatoes and 3 Varieties of Chili 

We have partnered with Exporters with Pack houses to who we provide a collection and delivery service for Fresh produce using our refrigerated Transportation

We process our produce though our facilities to produce high quality packaged fresh and dried produce